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I created the "Jasper's Giant Imagination" series to address common issues all children face throughout their lives.  I wrote each story and drew each image through the eyes of a child.  These books are relevant, charming, educational, and humorous.  Parents will appreciate them just as much as kids.   (4RV Publishing)

See how Jasper’s giant imagination brings laughter and fun to catching the flu bug. You’ll be delighted and amazed ... and may even want to catch the flu bug, too. Or, maybe not, but a child's imagination can make a difference.

When Jasper starts school, his laptop doesn’t want to be left alone. It refuses to let Jasper go. It clings to him. Jasper must go to school. His laptop fear makes him sad. What can Jasper do?

When Jasper's loose tooth refuses to come out of his mouth, see what Jasper does to convince him. My Tooth's Loose makes losing kids' teeth fun, well beyond the money and gifts the tooth fairy brings.

     My Tooth's Loose is for all kids, especially those in the process of losing their teeth, and offers a comforting, humorous, and imaginative approach from the first 'lost tooth' to the very last.


Even though Jasper has tried and tried, he just can’t seem to stop wetting the bed. Now that he is seven, his mom wants him to try again. See who Jasper gets to help him win the war on bedwetting.

   As so many children continue to have problems with bedwetting at later ages, this book helps support them in their attempts to stay dry. Continued bedwetting can be frustrating and even worrisome for both parent and child. This story adds humor and comfort where needed as well as a path towards solution.

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