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a signed complimentary copy by The author, 6 bottles of One Hope wine, and the Author's presence at a session of your book club via zoom.


1.  Answer the questions found below;

2.  Submit ALL of the answers at once to;

3.  The first person who submits all of the correct

     answers wins.


Questions will conclude upon release date!


1.   "What happened at The Harborview Hotel that had Evie and Rick hightail it outta there?"

2.   "What one character found in "Be Careful What You Wish For" arose from an extremely sad incident which brought     

       together me and Sheryl Sandberg through The Huffington Post and The Daily Mail?"

3.   "Name the character who altered his complete identity during WWII in order to find work in his field?"

4.   "Who did Rick ask to leave the room mid-proposal?"

5.   "What did Joan help Evie stop worrying about when together at the table?"

6.   "What did Evie do on the way to Arizona that served in her best interest? "

7.   "What incident happened in Estelle's life that caused her to become anti-social for a period of time following it?"

8.   "What unique gift did Evie's youngest daughter learn she had while growing up?"

9.   ""What event gave the needed license to Evie to begin again?"

10.  Winner prefers to remain anonymous!  Thank you for all who participated.  

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