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As appeared on The Larry Elder Show, The Richard Syrett Show,  Newsmax, NTD, Epoch Times TV, The Kevin McCullough Show, Street Talk With Stiletto Dee, Wayne Dupree, Steve Gruber and more:

ZNEEX app connects users who believe that the old-fashioned, healthy stroll is the best way to begin new friendships and even find love. That said, ZNEEX doesn’t just connect anyone. Nope.


ZNEEX connects users according to their preferred vaccination status.  So if you are unvaccinated and only want to meet other unvaccinated people, those are the only people you’ll meet on ZNEEX.  The same holds true for vaccinated folks.  And if you don’t care either way, ZNEEX will introduce you to people who feel the same.

Whatever your decision, ZNEEX will match you.  And if that isn’t enough, ZNEEX intelligent design will have you telling just about everyone how convenient and fun both in-person and virtual walks can be the ZNEEX way.  So begin today!  

Let ZNEEX put your vaccination status to work for you.  ZNEEX makes finding new friends and even falling in love as easy as a walk in the park.

Available Now in Google Play Store.  First 100 subscribers receive one month Premium Membership for FREE!

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